Brodesign Circle - Vibe

Find the right wood cladding with broDesign wood mosaics. With a wide variety of classic and modern designs, broDesign creates a unique blend of texture and the warmth of wood. The flexible backing allows installation on a variety of curved and flat surfaces, including walls, bars, and pillars. Installation is simple and doesn’t require any specialized tools.


broDesign wood mosaics come in a wide variety of options. Custom designs can also be created for a completely unique look.

Edition One

Choose from 10 beautiful options, including square tiles in a grid, offset rectangular tiles, and an abstract triangular pattern. Add warmth and sophistication to any space with one of these beautiful selections.

Special Designs

Our Special Designs collection comes in unique finishes and more complex patterns for when you really want to make a statement.

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Edition Two

With over a dozen options to choose from, the perfect vibe can be created with this collection of refined mood mosaics.