About Vibe

VIBE - noun \vīb\ :

a feeling that someone or something gives you


Vibe partners with owners and designers to deliver beautiful, authentic, and unique materials that drive your customers’ experience through biophilic design. We have traveled the world looking for manufacturing companies that care deeply about authenticity, nature, and art. They have love for their product and a passion for their business. We deliver these materials in a seamless, easy way, all while providing services that show true empathy for your needs. We are transparent, direct, and communicative.

Let’s create together.

RJ Dadd

I have always had a vision of a truly creative company that cares deeply about providing materials that elicit an emotional response. My goal is to deliver an experience that will shape attitudes, thoughts, and actions. I want to do this with transparency and honesty. With this vision, I have created Vibe Architectural Systems.

RJ Dadd, Founder and CEO

RJ has been in the architectural products manufacturing and supply industry for over 25 years. In 1999, RJ created Impact Specialties, a division of a global manufacturer. The Impact division focused on the retail, restaurant, and hotel construction market achieving significant growth through strong sourcing, creative product development, dedicated service, and culture of integrity. With a passion for decorative interior finishes, RJ has founded Vibe Architectural systems in 2017 with a plan to accentuate these principal values.