window surrounded by greenery with grey chair in front of it

Real Plants Naturally Preserved

Costs Up to 50% Less Than Live Walls

No Maintenance Required

styleGREEN installations of plants and mosses bring pure nature to interiors and modern design to walls. A myriad of plant varieties are available to create a unique green wall, picture or accent. styleGreen embodies the essence of Biophilic design for offices, restaurants, hotel lobbies or any space where the benefits of connecting with nature will be realized.

The natural preservation process provides our plants long-lasting beauty. These works of art retain their natural look and feel for years. And best of all: they require no water or light making them truly maintenance free.

The styleGREEN creations are not only visually pleasing but also create a pleasant feeling of tranquility and affect the room‘s acoustics.


Plant and Moss Walls

Design a unique feature or cover an entire wall with versatile plant and moss walls in a variety of sizes, shapes, and plant types.

Flexgreen System

Made of reindeer moss on a cork backing, Flexgreen System panels offer an economical and simple way to bring the outdoors in. 

Pictures and Circles

Make art out of nature. Create bold, stand-out designs with framed plant or moss pictures and circles, available in a wide variety of sizes and options.

Letters and Pictograms

These trendsetting letters and pictograms are created using genuine forest moss or reindeer moss, which is available in eight vivid colors.

Hexagon Wall Systems

These stylish, hexagonal wall elements allow for creativity and flexibility in your designs. Choose from moss, plant varieties, and plain cork.