Plant and Moss Walls

Whether an entire wall or set within the other decorative wall materials, Plant and Moss walls make it possible to design the wall greenery entirely according to one's own wishes and thus guarantee a unique piece of interior design that will remain in the memory of guests for a long time.


Design your moss wall the way you want it — there are no limits to size, shape, arrangement among surrounding materials, and logo integration. You can even choose multiple plant varieties.


Plant and Moss walls have a nominal 1/2" MDF backing, delivered in modules that are easily installed to create a seamless look.

Choose Your Plant Variety

Forest and Pole Moss

The combination of the bright green mounds of pole moss set against the dark green field of forest creates a dramatic effect for any wall or ceiling. Forest and pole moss is ideal for special shapes and logo integrations.

Pole Moss

The pole moss walls impress with a unique 3D texture effect. The pole moss mounds create a classy upscale clean look without sacrificing the effects of biophilic design.

Reindeer Moss

Choose between eight different colors for reindeer mosses. In addition, the reindeer moss variant is particularly suitable for very elaborate designs due to its colorways and flexibility.


A variety of preserved plants in all shades of the rainforest, which are lavishly distributed on a forest moss ground, provide a deceptively real jungle feeling.

Plant Island

Plant islands of ferns, eucalyptus, and other naturally conserved plants form optical highlights on a ground of forest and pole moss. This plant variety becomes very dynamic with the highs and lows of the different plant species.

Choose Your Framing System

plant and moss wall green edge option

Green Edge

By the greening of the edge the transitions are hidden, and it results in a natural overall picture.

plant and moss wall silver frame option

Aluminum Frame Silver

The aluminum profile silver anodized has a height of 45 mm and a visible edge of 13 mm. It is mounted directly on the wall. 

Frame Moss Corner - Vibe

Aluminum Frame White

The powder coated white aluminium profile has a height of 45 mm and a visible edge of 13 mm. It is mounted directly on the wall. 

plant and moss wall black frame option

Aluminum Frame Black

This black anodized aluminium profile height 45 mm and a visible edge 13 mm. It is mounted directly on the wall. 

No Frame Moss Corner - Vibe

No Frame

Specify no edge to inset plant and moss walls within surrounding materials or mill work.