Richter Acoustic Systems


Customized Design

High Sound Absorption

Simple to Install

The use of wood, concrete and stone surfaces are becoming more and more prevalent in modern design. Although these surfaces create stunning interiors, they can present a challenge when it comes to sound.

Whether in a restaurant, office space or a hotel lobby, our custom acoustic systems are the answer.

Customize your systems with endless surface and finish selections, 11 perforations patterns, and virtually any size.


RibPanel and RibPanel Slim

RibPanels are strips of your choice of material and color fuzed to an acoustic felt support creating a clean linear vertical pattern.


Acoustic-Baffles are vertically suspended acoustic louvers that can be produced with varying dimensions, surfaces, and perforations.


Grilles are individual planks surfaced with your choice of material, finish, and dimensions connected by means of aluminum tubes or wood supports.

Acoustic Lightboard®

Acoustic Lightboard® is a high sound absorbing, low weight panel. Thanks to customer-specific fabrication, it is always visually and technically adapted to your needs.