Acoustic Baffles

Striking lines for fine acoustics!


Acoustic-Baffles are vertically suspended acoustic louvers that can be produced individually with different dimensions, surfaces and perforations. 


Baffles are a very effective way of reducing reverberating sound in your hallways, offices, and conference rooms.  Now you can take your design up a notch by getting creative with materials and custom dimensioning.





Acoustic Baffles Features:

  • Superior Sound Absorption
  • Weight savings of up to 70%
  • Cleanable surface material
  • Completely customizable: surface, size, shape. Design Freedom.

Material Structure

Acoustic Baffles

  1. Surface Material
  2. Close-meshed honeycomb structure made of recycled cardboard
  3. Wood-based frame (particle board, MDF)
  4. Black acoustic fleece
  5. Edging (in veneer, ABS, PP, melamine)
Baffle Material Construction

Technical Data

Length (max.) 3000 mm (118 1/8“)
Width (max.) 600 mm (23 5/8“)
Thickness 50 mm (≈2“)
Weight 10-20 kg/m² (2.05 - 4.10 lbs/sqft - depending on selected surface materials and dimensions)
Slat Material Available Wood Veneer, HPL, Concrete Veneer, or Stone Veneer
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) .85 (85% of the sound is being absorbed and not reflected)


High Pressure Laminates (HPL)


HPL’s have come a long way in appearance.  It is difficult to tell the difference between real wood or stone and their HPL faux counterpart.  There are hundreds of choices in wood, stone, and solids.


Our HPL (High Pressue Laminate) source is Egger:

Wooden texture floor maple. Samples of laminate and vinyl floor.

Wood Veneers


Real and natural, that's the charm of wood veneers. In addition to species of wood shown, we can also match your design choice. Please contact us.

wood veneers

LightBeton® Concrete Veneers


Real Concrete made lightweight - choose from the variety of our authentic LightBeton® surfaces

LightBeton colors

Stone Veneers


Our genuine stone veneer brings biophilic design into your space.

Stone veneers


Various perforations from bold patterning or barely visible are available in diameters of 0.02 to 0.06 inches.

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