Panel Piedra

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Panel Piedra wall panels create a strikingly beautiful space with realistic brick, stone, and decorative designs. With a real stone surface, you get the look and feel of real stone materials but with much reduced installation time and labor and material costs.

With an artist’s skill and inspiration from historic and modern day environments, Panel Piedra’s brick, stone, and architectural designs create beautiful spaces. Panel Piedra gives you the ability control the mood of your space.

Panels are made with molded real crushed stone that has been layered on top of high density foam. This combination creates a realistic natural feel and, just like traditional brick and stone, is even cold to the touch for a truly authentic design.

Our panels are very light and installed by mechanical fasteners. This makes it easy for one technician to install, no special tools required, drastically reducing time and cost.


With an extensive array of colors and designs, you can create the right mood and look for your space. Set the tone for the rest of your design with Panel Piedra.

Forest Collection

An ultra realistic look of wood but the resiliency of stone.  An exciting mixture of materials that lets you define style like no one has before.   Forest has rugged planks, block mosaics and dramatic shutters.


Remember Collection

An inspired line from times gone by.  Style driven by nostalgia but still a fresh and hip look.  From burned wood to retro stacked trunks and suitcases, if you are looking for a way to make a statement use Remember Collection.

Concrete Collection

Industrial chic just got more exciting. Utilizing concrete in design has become more and more prevalent. With our concrete collection, you can take that industrial look to a new level without the weight and mess of real concrete.

Vintage Collection

These panels have a retro or vintage style with a modern twist. Create feelings of contentment and nostalgia with a variety of finishes, colors, and styles.


Classic Collection

This collection is composed of a variety of options that imitate classic stone panels. These highly detailed designs come in many different finishes and colors, so you can create the look and feel you want.


Brick Collection

This hyper-realistic collection is designed to look like a real brick wall without having to hire a mason. Options range from a weathered, worn look to sleek, modern varieties. Choose from many sizes and colors as well.