Letters and Pictograms

styleGREEN letters and pictograms — consisting of genuine, green Scandinavian reindeer moss — are imbued with black, FSC certified wood fiber frames "made in Germany." The lichen, also known as island moss, inspires trendsetters thanks to its special appearance and feel and is available in 8 different colors. Or if you prefer a rather soft appearance, choose our intense green genuine forest moss.

The lovingly handmade art pieces can be easily suspended on every background — be it flat to the wall by using glue points or be it elegantly highlighted through spacers. Alternatively, you can just put your green designer piece as an eye catcher on a shelf or a coffee bar. No matter where you will place them, due to the mosses´ natural preservation, you will be able to enjoy the products for a very long time.

- Weight per letter: approx. .22 lbs.
- Dimensions: 4 3/4" to 8" (W) x 10" (H) x 1 3/8" (D)
- Greenery type: 100% natural reindeer moss or forest moss
- Suspension: thanks to spacers or adhesion points, an easy application of the moss sign on any surface will be ensured.
All processed mosses are 100% real and durably preserved in a special process. Though these plants don´t require light or water, they retain their vividly green appearance and a fresh, soft feel.


Moss Letters

Moss Symbols